AMFAC provides tailored services to meet unique client business needs.

Your Complete Facility Solution.

On-Site Services: AMFAC offers efficient on-site services to address your facility needs directly where they arise. Our skilled technicians deliver prompt and professional solutions for preventative maintenance, repairs, and installations, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal facility performance. With AMFAC’s on-site services, you can trust that your facility operations remain seamless and efficient, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities.

Augmenting Services: AMFAC provides augmenting services to complement your existing facility management program. Our experienced team seamlessly integrates with your operations, offering specialized expertise, solutions, insight, and resources to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Whether you needproject management, additional manpower, specialized skills, or temporary support, AMFAC’s augmenting services ensure your facility operations continue to run smoothly and efficiently.

On-site services







Snow & Ice Management

Parking Area Maintenance

Stormwater Management & Maintenance

Ground Penetrating Radar

Augmenting Services

Project Management

Maintenance Consulting

Site Audits

Tailored Facility Service Plans

Facility Asset Management

Vendor Management

Permitting Due Diligence Services